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Choose Boost for 7-Day Delivery! End of Year Fundraising Made Easy!


Ready to order blankets? You can buy 50 or more right away. Pick our 45-day option for bigger profit or our 7-day option to get them fast. Perfect for getting lots of blankets quickly! Sizes are large and extra large.

With our pre-ordering options, pick forms to collect orders in person or an online page to collect orders online. Reach the minimum, then order from us. It's an easy way to hit your target without upfront payment.

With our direct ship option, we create an online store for you where blankets ship directly to supporters. Blankets are delivered in 4-7 days, with no minimum! Less profitable, but quick and easy for everyone!

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Contact us today at or call us at (516) 823-6718. Thank you!
Minimums and Pricing?

Classic: 100 blankets, 50 per design

  • 50"x60": $12.50
  • 60"x70": $16
  • Delivery in ~45 days
  • Free Shipping

Boost: 50 blankets

  • 50"x60": $18
  • 60"x80" $23
  • Delivery in 7 days
  • Free Shipping

With the Online Direct Ship option there is no minimum or set up chargesBlankets are delivered to customers in 4-7 days.

Difference between Classic and Boost?
Team Throws Classic: Our original and highest-profit blanket option! With an average profit of $1,750! Order at least 100 blankets (50 per design) and receive them in 45-55 days, each neatly polybagged for easy handouts and sales. Great for those who plan in advance!
ClassicBoost (2) 
Team Throws Boost: Need blankets fast? Opt for Boost with a quick 1-week turnaround, starting at 50 blankets. Printed in the USA, every blanket is polybagged for simple distribution.
ClassicBoost (3)


When will we receive the blankets?
Classic: 45 to 55 days
Boost: 4 to 7 Days
Can we choose more than 1 design?
Of course! With Boost or Classic, as long as there are at least 50 per design you can have as many as you would like! With the Online Direct option, you can have up to 2 designs.
Difference between Online Pre-Order and Online Direct?

Online Pre-Ordering lets you gather orders first using an online store. You collect orders until you hit the 50-blanket minimum for Boost or 100-blanket minimum for Classic, then place the order with us. It's a smart way to reach your goal without any upfront cost. Blankets are shipped to one location and then distributed. This is a much more profitable than the Direct Ship option.

Online Direct Ship  lets you sell online using an online store. We print and ship blankets as orders come in, sending blankets right to them in 4-7 days. With this option there is no minimum. It's super quick and easy, ideal for fast deliveries without minimum orders.

Payment and Returns?

Payment: Pay upfront or submit a purchase order! If you would like to pay after delivery, we do require a PO (purchase order). After designs are approved and production begins, we are unable to change the designs and/or adjust quantities. If you need payment terms we are happy to help! If you do not have the funds to order the blankets upfront, we highly recommend the PO or online pre-order option!

Returns/Refunds: Our #1 goal is to make all customers as happy as possible! If we ever make an error with your order, we will always make it right - whether that means re-creating your order or providing a full refund. We understand there are students and parents relying on you to deliver a great fundraising product!
Please note that slight variations in some colors, while not common, may occur. If you have a specific pantone/color that needs to be accurate please let us know prior to production.
Do you offer free samples?

TEAM THROWS SAMPLEFree Samples: If you're keen to get a tactile sense of our product, feel free to request a material sample. Expect it at your doorstep within 2 to 4 days.

Custom Samples: We also offer fully custom samples of the Boost blanket, with your design, for $30 (only available in 50"x60").

How do we get started?

To get started, please complete the form based on your order preference.

Bulk OrderIf you are ready to place an order, please complete the order form.

Pre-Order: If you would like to set up a pre-order, please complete our pre-order form for physical forms or an online page. You can do both if you would like!

Online Direct Ship: If you would like us to create your online store where blankets ship directly to recipients, please select the Direct Ship option on our Online Fundraising form.

Need additional clarification? Feel free to give us a call at 516-823-6718 or reach out by email to (we reply fast!).